Professional Website Hosting

Professional Website Hosting

If you are a business owner looking to establish an online presence or you want to start a personal blog, you are going to need web hosting. Some business owners maintain their own web server but maintaining a web server can be very expensive and time consuming. Most people invest in the services of a web hosting company.

AMERICAN Internet has been the premier professional web hosting company since 1998. When you've been a web hosting company as long as Google, and much longer than Facebook, something magical happens; a secret recipe for exquisite website hosting forms. Needless to say, we know what it takes to be a professional web host; we love what we do and we're better at website hosting than anyone else.

Recognized for impeccable web host support teams, website uptime and affordable web hosting solutions AMERICAN Internet is home to retailers, photographers, musicians, salons, resturants and so on.



Our company was founded to support small business owners with professional websites. Working with us means that we will create a beautiful website for you & minimize all stress related to the creation. Your website will be completed on time, and designed to capture your target audience.


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